Our Story

Yakudo is a performing ensemble, which combines the spiritual rhythms of the Taiko with martial arts and contemporary music. Founded in 1992, Yakudo is a non-profit organization, made up of  passionate individuals dedicated to the culture and art unique to the Japanese Taiko.

Yakudo’s roots are embedded in one of Japan’s founding Taiko groups, O-Suwa Daiko. In the late seventies, members of O-Suwa Daiko, visited the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre in Toronto to share their music and performance. A core of Japanese Canadians were delighted and formed their own Taiko group, Toronto Suwa Daiko, which entertained the community for many years.

In 1992, wanting to take a more independent and professional route, a determined group of young Toronto Suwa Daiko members formed Yakudo - composing their own music and creating their own style. Over the years and through the contributions of many talented Taiko performers and visionaries, Yakudo has progressed and matured its current performing ensemble. Although they have developed a unique and distinctive style, they keep in mind the foundation and tradition of Suwa.

Yakudo is a non-profit organization, promoting Japanese culture through music and performance on Taiko. All the performers are active volunteer members, taking on various roles to keep this group functioning. In addition to performing, all of these talented multi-taskers do a number of behind the scenes work ranging from teaching, composing, promotions, administration, fundraising, booking, performance production and more.

In addition, Yakudo members maintain their collection of Taiko and instruments on a regular basis. Maintenance of these rare and beautiful instruments require a substantial amount of time and patience – re-skinning only one side of a Taiko can take up to 20 hours with 3 to 4 people.

What motivates them? Their affinity of love and passion for Taiko!