Taiko Lessons for Adults

Our Adult Taiko education programs can take you from “never played before” to apprenticeship.

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The Masterclass Series

Yakudo is offering a special series of Masterclass Workshops at Yakudo Studio, every month starting in April.  These workshops will focus on different aspects of Taiko: technique, styles, playing in an ensemble, musicality and performance. The workshops will be taught by the senior and most experienced members of our team, whom are enthusiastic about sharing their knowledge and talent. These workshops are designed for all levels of taiko experience including no prior experience. Learning and playing taiko is fun and rewarding for everyone!
*Taiko Ramen Special!* add $5 to any workshop and receive a voucher for a Taiko Ramen at Niwatei Restaurant, located in J-Town above Yakudo Studio.  A hearty bowl of Niwatei ramen gives you the energy you need to play Taiko with Yakudo! (a $10 value!)


Guu-3633The workshop in August will be conducted by Sam Baba, Chairman – Board of Directors
  • Toronto Suwa Daiko & Yakudo:  22 yrs
  • Last member of Toronto Suwa Daiko
  • Founding member of Yakudo (1992) and Not-for-Profit Incorporation (2003)
  • Served as Chairman, Performer, Director, Creative Director, Composer, Taiko Maintenance & Repair

Masterclass Workshop 5: Taiko Endurance
Get to know the humble single beat.  Whether in its more common ¼ note form or buzzing away in a roll, the isolated single beat is what makes up any and all rhythm.  This workshop will essentially be an active meditation session that will tax your concentration and your muscles.  Perfect for beginners or for the most advanced drummer, you will walk away exhausted and satisfied.  Blisters, aches and pains guaranteed!  Highly recommended for those wanting a “higher plane” experience with taiko.
Instructor: Sam Baba
Sunday August 24, 2014 4:45 – 6:15 pm
$55 contact education@yakudo.com to register

“If the whole wide world had a heartbeat, it would sound like Taiko!….(it’s) the most fun I’ve ever had hitting something with sticks.”
– Ed Leung

“…great teachers with such enthusiasm and energy; very obviously dedicated to the art of Taiko and to passing on the skill and traditions to the students. The class itself always went by far too quickly…it was so easy to get caught up with the drumming, and always fun.”
– Dr. Jane Toyota

“Thanks so much for the last ten Monday evenings and allowing me the opportunity to play your precious drums at the dojo. I found the experience humbling, invigorating and enlightening. You all teach with a wonderful, refreshing positive spirit.”
– Hugo von Levetzow

Email education@yakudo.com for more information and to register for the workshop and classes.





















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